Leyla Modirzadeh graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and holds two M.F.A. degrees, in Acting from University of Washington and in Fine Art from Pratt Institute. She worked as an actress for 10 years in professional theatre (including A Contemporary Theatre and The Group Theatre in Seattle, Wisdom Bridge Theatre in Chicago, and with Ping Chong's Company at La Mama in New York City). Her animated and live action films have been screened at The Anthology Film Archive, Art in General, Galapagos Ocularis, P.S. 122, The Williamsburg Historical Society, The Pioneer Theatre (New York City), Portland Cultural Festival and the Berkeley Alternative Arts Festival.

Leyla taught at The Experimental College in Seattle, Baruch College in New York, and at the University of Mississippi. She also was an Assistant Professor of Theater and Film at Texas Tech University.

To see more of Leyla's work, check out her Experimental Shorts page.

An hour long interview with Leyla about her work with diversity in the arts can be heard as a podcast on Mississippi Arts Hour, October 16, 2008. Listen to the mp3 here.